About Scherbovets

Shcherbovets village is an ideal place to spend a few peaceful days on a trip along Route E50. Just 65 km away from Mukacheve and only 16 km from the road Kyiv – Chop. The village is located in a quiet remote spot surrounded by charming mountains. It is a perfect place to have rest from the traffic noise and the urban fuss.

The region supports a wide diversity of plants, birds and animals. As you relax at the Carpathian Mountains the wonders of the nature will reveal themselves. Fir trees, countless small leaved bushes, tiny seed-eating birds and majestic birds of prey, little dormice, squirrels and even wild boars.
The scenery is majestic. The green mountains and meadows, contrast with the sky which constantly changes color as clouds and sunbeams play across its surface.

You can laze in the valley or set out on leisurely day drives to discover the district. Return for a dinner or a drink as the sun sets.

There are few places in the world where you can see the stars as clearly – no light disturbs your view and the air is so clear that you might reach out and touch the milky way.

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