The Chalet

Welcome to our little hideaway in the heart of Carpathians!

The first thing to do upon your arrival to Kukavica is to stop rushing! Because the first important impression, that you don’t want to miss is the local air. You will definitely find it one of the most precious components of your rest in Kukavica – the air in Carpathians is unforgettable, richly infused with the scents of herbs and countryside in summer, crystal-clear and frosty in winter, brewed on smells of burnt wood, moist soil and foliage in autumn. After the monotonous noises of the megapolis and the long road, your will find yourself amid a wide space of air, full of the voices of the streams, birds and leaves.
But it’s time to walk up the stone stairs and come into the house.

The first floor has an open plan, with a kitchen, dining room and a sitting area forming one space, so that the guests can enjoy the company of each other, while each still has room for his own activity. It is convenient for a cozy family time and entertaining. In the kitchen you will find cooking appliances and table ware for a comfortable family cooking as well as electric stove and oven. The large dining table can accommodate a good company of up to 8 people. After a meal you can move to the soft sofas in the sitting area to enjoy a quiet talk at the fireplace, designed of the local river rock.

As you open the glass doors in the sitting room, you will find yourself at the open roofed terrace. Without exegaration, the terrace is the heart of Kukavica, as at any season it provides a perfect shelter for enjoyable family time and rest. It is the right place to relax with a cup of tea over your favorite book, enjoy the marvelous views, have fun with your kids or celebrate your important day with a barberque party. The open fireplace allows both to cook food and keep yourself warm and cozy, staying outside in every kind of weather.

From the first floor the dark-wood stairs will take you to the bedrooms. There are 3 bedrooms in the house, each having a spacious double bed, its own shower room and character: green, yellow and ivory. The bright and sunny green and ivory rooms face South – East, with a balcony overviewing the village and woody mountains, while the yellow room is cool and quiet, offering full privacy and a fantastic balcony view over the magnificent Pikuj peak, wooded hills and the back garden. The quietest nights and convenient beds will provide for your healthy and refreshing sleep, replenishing your energy for another long day of discoveries in the beautiful Carpathians! Should the day start with the bird tweet or an occasional cow bell ring, rain or shine – seeing mountains in the window makes one feel so much alive!

The ground floor billiard room with a 12-foot snooker will harbor the fathers, having too much family time during the day.
There is also a sauna near the mountain brook with an ice-cold water plunge pond.

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