First days in Kukavitsa

When you plan your stay at Kukavica, please, don’t try to make your schedule too intensive, as you risk missing the major point of your stay. Give yourself a decent time to linger in the soft sofas before the fire, enjoy the company of your dear people, take some time out to savor your morning coffee on the terrace while you listen to the gurgle of water among the stones and watch the clouds dancing on the Pikuj Mountain. Make sure you got into the spirit and rhythm of the country living.

Then you may want to have a walk through the woods and colorful wild grasses pastures nearby. Take a small forest path right behind the house and walk up the hill to enjoy the views of the old village church and the picturesque neighborhood. As you walk further, stop on your way for stunning views and little charming discoveries – here and there you will see sweet-scented beds of thyme, spring wells with crystal-clear water, blueberry forests under the secular fir-trees, mushrooms, aromatic herbs and mysterious pugmarks.

You may walk up as high as the Pikuj peak – the highest of the Beskids (1400 m). The rout to Pikuj is relatively comfortable and is not that of the hardest, however you must be physically fit and properly equipped to go for it. Your efforts will be rewarded with fabulous bird’s-eye panoramas of Carpathian Mountains. Next morning when you sit on our terrace and watch Pikuj – you will feel extremely proud of yourself!

After your journey the house will meet you with warmth of the hearth, light music and relaxing atmosphere. There is a 12 ft snooker table and a wood stove sauna for your evening pastime in Kukavica.