How to find us


From Uzhgorod you take the Chop – Kyiv road (E50), drive to Nyzhni Vorota (road police station). Turn left off the main road towards Zhdeniyevo. Follow the main road for next 9 km until you reach a T junction. Take right off the main road and drive for 7.5 km until you see an old concrete bridge. Pass the bridge and turn right towards a forest road. Drive for 1.5 km until you reach an old white bus station, turn right just before it. Here you are.

Nearest airports:
Uzhgorod international airport (UDJ) – 98 km
Lviv international airport (LWO) – 200 km
Kyiv international airport (KBP) – 760 km

Nearest train stations:
Volovets – 29 km
Svalyava – 35 km

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